Effective Schools


"Larry's work should serve as a prerequisite for every principal leadership program. The Assembly Required Implementation Guide has provided the tools necessary to mobilize staff in conducting continuous improvement within their schools. Principals participating in this program have advocated that they are much clearer on their vision and can see results as they take a balcony view in organizational reform. Principals working with Larry were successful in making systemic changes within their learning organizations."

Olga Aleman
Program Manager, Professional Development Services

"Dr. Lezotte's workshops are always thought-provoking. I am always amazed at the updated research and resources that he provides the participants. His passion for achieving excellence and equity for ALL children is contagious. Having had him work with schools serving Indian students from across the country has definitly had some positive results.

From principals

  • Wow! What a power-packed collection of content and strategies! What a good use of my time and my school's time. Thank you!
  • Outstanding presentation by Dr. Lezotte. The information was right on target and I can begin to implement ideas immediately.
  • Whew! So much information. I am exhausted; but is a good exhausted.
  • Very worthwhile. Provide me with information to go forward."

Carmen Taylor
Executive Director, National Indian School Board Association (NISBA)

"The information Dr. Lezotte shared was pertinent, powerful, and now I know...timeless. Thanks for making a huge difference in education."

Patty Phillips
Superintendent, North St. Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale, MN

"Dr. Larry Lezotte's unique, conversational style of delivery, immediate command of the research, and nonthreatening, approachable manner enabled our staff to relate to and identify with him. "

Dr. Larry Kelly
Retired Superintendent & Educational Consultant

"Larry Lezotte provides educators the motivation, the tools, and the belief that they can and will enable all students to learn 'no exceptions'."

Dr. Larry Kelly
Retired Superintendent & Educational Consultant

"More children than I can count have benefited from Larry Lezotte's teaching."

Dr. Mark A. Higdon
Executive Director, Wyoming School Boards Association

"What comes through during a conversation with Larry Lezotte is his passion for doing great things for American School Children, the depth of his expertise, and his knowledge about how public schools and public school people work, and his courage in taking on what needs to be confronted."

Dr. James D. Mervilde
Superintendent, Washington Township Metropolitan School District

"Dr. Lezotte has helped our school district grow academically and to focus on the thing that matters most-student achievement."

Dr. Jerry L. Seese
Superintendent, Saginaw Township Community Schools

"I first heard Larry Lezotte's message of Learning for All 15 or so years ago. It was the most significant message I heard in my career as an educator and has provided me with the vision and basis for my personal mission ever since. It's what keeps me excited and motivated to continue in my work."

Sam Chimento
Superintendent, Palermo School District, CA

"Larry Lezotte has been the defining factor in our district/school reform. Through his leadership and advice, we have been able to transform ourselves from an adult-centered school district to a student-centered school district, where learning is for all-whatever it takes!"

Dr. Carmen Granto
Ms. Cynthia Bianco
Deputy Superintendent, Niagara Falls City School District